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William Shakespare

“My crown is called content,
a crown that seldom kings enjoy”

Bill Moyers

"Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous"



Creative solutions are paramount.  Today's consumer is inundated with marketing messages from every direction.  We need to cut through the mundane so your message rises above the noise.  Our design team understands the need for each business to have a unique identity and our creative solutions play a large role in making it happen.  Talking Dog Media will help you find your own "goldilocks zone" which is not too much but it's just right!  Call Talking Dog today - 425.403.6009.  

Content is king.  How do you say what you want people to remember?  What message should customers take away when visiting your business, whether online, in brochures, or in-person?  It's more than being clever, it's being remembered.  Talking Dog Media will help you develop content (your message) and apply that message over all the platforms you need.  Intelligent solutions will carry your business into the future and provide customers with a strong image of who and what you are.  From writing content for pages on your website, brochure writing and advertisements, to creating a "tag" line - Talking Dog is here to help your message shine.  We'll make you so happy you'll want to lick our faces.

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